Leeds Equity was the first and remains the largest private equity firm with an exclusive focus on the Knowledge Sector, comprised of the education, training, business services and information services and software industries.

Leeds has managed five funds to date and has deployed $1.2 billion of equity capital.  Our twenty-year industry focus and expertise allows us to apply the strategic insights of an experienced industry participant during both the investment process and as partners with management.

Our investors include many leading domestic and international institutions including pension funds, banks, insurance companies, diversified financial institutions, foundations, university endowments, family offices and high net worth individuals.

Founded in 1993 by Jeffrey Leeds and Robert Bernstein, our professionals have over 100 years of combined experience investing in the Knowledge Sector.  Our Advisory Board includes some of the most recognized leaders in education, business and public service.  Along with our operating partners, affiliates and portfolio company executives, Leeds has developed an extensive network with unmatched experience, resources and expertise.

Investment Philosophy
Leeds Equity invests in established companies that address high stakes challenges, have differentiated products and services, provide measurable outcomes, and have minimal intermediation by third parties.  We partner with premier management teams and provide them access to world-class resources and patient capital to foster long-term value creation in businesses.  We rely on our management teams to manage day-to-day operations but assist in developing and executing on strategic growth opportunities.     

The Knowledge Sector
The Knowledge Sector includes companies operating in the education, training, business services and information services and software industries.  Their innovative solutions are helping to meet the growing professional needs of knowledge-economy students and workers.  Subsectors include:


  • Preschool /Pre-K

  • K-12

  • Postsecondary

  • At-Risk and Special Education

  • Instructional Materials

  • Testing and Assessment

  • Educational Technology


  • Business Skills

  • Professional Certifications

  • Regulatory and Compliance Training

  • Testing /Assessment

Business Services

  • Business-to-Consumer Information and Services

  • Business-to-Business and Professional Publishing

  • Professional Information Databases and Research

  • Human Resources and Business Process Outsourcing

  • Consulting and Staffing

  • Logistics and Distribution

Information Services and Software

  • Local Software

  • Enterprise Software

  • Sales, Marketing and CRM

  • Technology Services