BARBRI is the premier practical legal education provider in the U.S.  Through its diversified product offering, BARBRI educates individuals prior to, during, and after law school.  BARBRI is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has 12 regional and two international offices.

The company's core product offering is its flagship bar exam preparation course, which is the de facto choice of students based on reputation and results.  BARBRI's established curriculum and teaching pedagogy, that has been carefully developed and refined over 40 years, and its state-of-the-art adaptive learning technology offer an unrivaled set of tools that are critical to passing the bar exam.  The company utilizes over 200 top legal scholars with subject matter expertise to provide in-class instruction, a revolutionary adaptive learning technology that improves recall, retention and confidence and an unparalleled team of service and support staff available to assist students throughout their studies.  These best-in-class products and services continually attract and educate the vast majority of bar exam takers annually.

BARBRI also educates individuals prior to, during and after law school.  BARBRI's Pre-Law products and services assist law school students before they set foot on campus.  During law school, BARBRI provides (i) students with a complete support system and suite of products designed to enhance their success and (ii) law schools with tools to improve retention, graduation rates and overall student performance.  For practicing attorneys, BARBRI offers practical skills training and courses designed to further both individual careers and firm-wide performance.  In addition, BARBRI is the go-to place for every international student aspiring to take an LL.M. course in the U.S.  Learn More.

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