Campus Management

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Campus Management Corp® is a global provider of administrative software solutions to higher education, nonprofit organizations and other learning industries.  More than 1,700 colleges, universities, foundations, fundraising organizations and other businesses across 35 countries run on Campus Management’s enterprise systems.

Campus Management’s technological leadership has made it the provider of choice to more than 75 percent of the largest U.S.-based career and online colleges.  Campus Management also serves a full range of private and public institutions, including Duke University, Indiana University, Notre Dame, Orange County Public Schools and the University System of Georgia’s online programs.

The company’s flagship product, CampusVue®, is an enterprise-class software system that unifies operations and educational delivery across multiple sites and brands, while improving student services and learning outcomes.  This robust product is configurable software, enabling rapid deployment and requiring no code-level customizations.  CampusVue is noted for student-centered innovations, such as built-in academic advising to drive student success and a highly automated Financial Aid module that integrates with federal and private fund sources to speed processing and resolve errors that delay the flow of funds to students in need.

In 2008, the company acquired Talisma Constitutent Relationship Management (CRM) product and Talisma’s higher education business unit.  The acquisition added more than 70 major universities as clients and expanded global operations with the addition of 150 associates in Bangalore, India.

Campus Management was ranked Best In Class in Student Information Systems in IMS Global Learning Consortium’s 2007 independent survey, won Microsoft’s 2005 Public Sector award for innovation in Higher Education and was named Microsoft’s Global ERP Solutions Developer of the Year in 2003.  Learn more.