Dalton and Money Education

Dalton Education is a leading provider of Certified Financial Planner (“CFP”) education and exam preparation solutions. Dalton’s CFP education course is a 9-month course designed to provide substantial knowledge and technical skills for professional competency as a financial planner and satisfies the requirements to sit for the CFP Certification Exam.  Dalton’s exam preparation course is a 2-month course that prepares students to pass the CFP exam.  Dalton provides its high quality CFP education in partnership with leading universities and sells its solutions to over 900 financial institutions that want to certify their financial advisors, wealth managers, securities agents and other financial professionals.

Money Education publishes textbooks, digital textbooks and several reference workbooks for tax and financial planning with titles such as “Fundamentals of Financial Planning,” “Insurance Planning” and “Income Tax Planning”.   Money Education’s materials are sold to students enrolled in CFP education courses as well as universities that offer course topics covered by the CFP curriculum.