Knowledge Factor

Knowledge Factor, Inc. is a provider of technology-enabled adaptive learning and assessment solutions to higher education institutions, test-preparation providers, publishers and Fortune 500 companies.  Since its founding in 2000, the company has provided over 22 million learner iterations to its diverse customer base, which have resulted in superior learning outcomes, including 95% subject matter mastery of content, up to a 75% reduction in study times and up to 79% knowledge retention after 12 months.

Knowledge Factor’s patented learning methodology provides unparalleled insights into learners' quality of knowledge by assessing learner confidence and identifying knowledge gaps and misinformation.  Utilizing this unique insight, education professionals are able to better target the most effective learning and education programs for their target audience.

Knowledge Factor’s primary product, amplifire, is a fully hosted software as a service (“SaaS”) application that leverages scientific breakthroughs from the fields of cognitive psychology, neurobiology and game studies, to deliver the world's first accelerated memory protocol™ for learning.  Through this patented protocol, amplifire helps students and corporate learners acquire, retain and recall information faster and easier than traditional study methods.  Learn more.