Miller Heiman

Miller Heiman is the world's largest sales performance consulting and training firm and the preeminent thought leader in the space. Miller Heiman helps companies, including many Fortune 500 clients, in virtually every major industry to build high performance sales teams that deliver consistent sustainable results to drive revenue. Miller Heiman has approximately 150 direct employees and independent contractors at its headquarters in Reno and in offices around the world.

Miller Heiman was founded nearly 30 years ago to help clients identify and develop successful salespeople in firms where the sales process was complex and the marketplace demanding. The company's experience and research has identified that successful selling is based on fundamental and repeatable process. Miller Heiman defined and documented this process and refined a systematic approach to manage and implement the process through teaching salespeople, sales managers, and senior corporate management. This culminated in the Strategic Selling® and Conceptual Selling® programs, which quickly became the gold standards for managing complex sales.

Leeds Equity sold Miller Heiman in 2008 to a financial buyer for an undisclosed amount. Learn more.