SeatonCorp is a leader in providing recruiting, vendor-on-premise staffing, and end-to-end supplier management solutions for strategic users of contingent labor.  Since its founding in 1988, major organizations across America have come to rely on SeatonCorp for their expertise and leadership in the staffing industry.  Headquartered in Chicago, SeatonCorp has over 500 full-time employees and several thousand temporary employees on behalf of its clients.  Through its operating businesses, Staff Management and PeopleScout, SeatonCorp has experienced double digit growth year over year and was recently recognized by industry analysts as the fastest growing US staffing firm.  SeatonCorp helps its clients reduce recruitment and labor costs, improve workforce performance, and increase profitability.  Learn more.

Staff Management
Staff Management is the pioneer of high volume, vendor-on-premise staffing solutions for the light industrial segment and call center sectors.  Major organizations across America rely on Staff Management for their expertise and leadership in the staffing industry.  These Fortune 500 companies consistently experience reduced labor costs, turnover, overtime, and administrative burden as a result of Staff Management's unique ability to customize the optimal staffing solution for them.  Staff Management also has a robust managed services provider (MSP) offering whereby the company manages the spend across numerous vendors on behalf of the client.  In May 2011, Staff Management was ranked the #1 MSP provider in the U.S. by HRO Today Magazine, the most prestigious ranking in the industry.

Since inception, PeopleScout has screened more than 22 million job candidates and facilitated more than one million hires for some of America's largest employers, in industries such as banking, telecommunications, retail, utilities, hospitality and transportation.  PeopleScout uses live recruiters and web-based technologies to provide personal and professional recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), candidate process outsourcing (CPO), student recruitment outsourcing (SRO), and employee care outsourcing (ECO) on an efficient basis.  Services include recruitment consulting, strategic sourcing, candidate selection, hiring, onboarding and employee retention.

StudentScout provides recruiting solutions for the post-secondary education market.  Utilizing its proprietary technology and state-of-the-art call center, StudentScout helps its customers improve their lead response speed and conversion rates.  StudentScout offers sophisticated reporting functionality and analytical support to enable better decision making.  The StudentScout integration team is capable of handling complex integrations and StudentScout provides a dedicated support team to ensure a seamless solution.